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Easy Web Design Helping the Medical Salary Niche

Web design has become a household term over the years and anyone who has ever used a computer has dabbled in it in one way or another. Before that, it was only used by software engineers and IT professionals as it required a great deal of knowledge that only they had. And the thing is, […]

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Protecting Your WordPress from Malware

There’s a lot of appeal when it comes to WordPress blogs. After all, installing them is easy, and administering them is even simpler. A good chunk of popular websites run WordPress, and its uses are uncountable. They can be used for blogs, companies, education, media, and more. Their usage, however, is a weakness as well. […]

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Direct Technology – Flyer Tutorial

Direct Technology will be a tutorial based on a corporate, modern, fun looking flyer. We’ll use brushes and work with paths, textures and images. Also we’ll keep a color scheme provided by Adobe Kuler. You may feel free to use other shapes in some cases as long as the design remains the same, or you […]

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