Photography for a Spy Software Website – Who Knew?

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I wanted to share this one with you as I found it really interesting. A few weeks ago I got an email out of the blue asking if I could do some shots for a website. Normally webmasters are just looking for free or at least very cheap stock photography so I was definitely curious. It led to a very unique assignment, at least for me.

The website in question was in the cell phone monitoring market called What I found interesting, apart from the spying bit, was that it does not sell anything – it is basically a resource site. It focuses on a lot of information, guides and user reviews of some of the big spy phone software products. I was really intrigued why they would want to hire a specialist photographer – and the expense that involves.

The site owner is a guy called Michael and he explained that he is attempting to really stand out from the competition with unique photos and an overall different approach to the whole review model. He hated the fact that virtually all of his competitors are using the same boring stock images – in fact most use photos and banners directly from the manufacturer’s websites.

I certainly see his point and it marks a shift that I have been aware of for quite a while – and it is great news for photographers like spy online

Standing Out from the Crowd

Some forward thinking website owners are finally seeing the value of custom, unique photography. It can be another part of the branding process if done well. Remember than all online markets are relatively new – the internet itself is young in terms of developed markets.

I think things are definitely changing. Most website owners and developers have been content to use free stock images. How many times have you spotted the same photo on several different blogs? If you want to stand out, do something a little bit different.

When you think of the branding value plus the value in search engines of having truly unique and copyrighted photos, hiring a pro photographer might be worth the cost. Let’s hope this is going to encourage people to invest a bit more in their website development.

As far as the photo shoot itself, for me it was more or less another day at the studio. Mostly shots of different phones and tablets plus I was able to include some previous work with models – still good stuff but saved myself some time.

The big thing is that the results on the website were great. Just seeing the effect it had, creating a website with professional quality photography – it made a bigger impact than even I imagined. Comparing it to the competitors was a revelation – the difference in quality was really significant.

Now all I need to do is convince more website owners that stock photography is not the way to go if you really want to stand out in a crowd. By the way have you even heard about spy phone software? It was a new one for me and a bit of a frightening education. I didn’t think that stuff would have been legal but apparently it is!

So my takeaway is that I need to convince more website owners to go a step further with their site photography. Showing them two examples of websites, one with dull stock images and one with vibrant originals should help to convince at least some of them. That’s the plan anyway.

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