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Reasons Why Desktop PCs Will Never Disappear


Even though we live in an era of portable devices, desktop PCs still have their place and purpose. Yes, laptops, tablets and smartphones are small, light, portable, and easy to use, but they are inferior to desktop computers when it comes to digital heavy lifting. Desktops are not as flashy, but they get the job done better than even the best mobile device. For those of you who are serious about design, there is no need to list the pros of desktop PCs. For those of you who aren’t, we have singled out some of the reasons why you should never abandon desktops.

They Are Cheaper

Your average desktop machine is much cheaper than the equivalent laptop. For the same kind of cash, you can wind up with a much more powerful configuration that will blow any portable solution out of the water. Laptops havedesktop-photoshop-02 to be expensive because their components are smaller, which means that the entire process of fabrication costs much more, as well. It is exactly the same when you have to replace one of the components.

Desktop components are not just cheaper, but easier to replace as well. In all fairness, when you get a laptop, you get the whole package: a computer with a screen, a keyboard and a touchpad. On the other hand, desktop are relatively cheap nowadays. Keyboards are dirt cheap. Speakers, too. Even if you buy a 24-inch screen, you will still spend a lot less money than you would on a laptop.

They Are Faster and More Powerful

Desktops are designed to be powerful. Laptops, on the other hand, are burdened with portability and battery life. Processors integrated into today’s laptops have to consume less power. The more powerful they are, the more they will overheat, which is a problem, because you can’t fit a large cooling fan to solve the issue. With desktops, that is a non-issue. Thanks to their large casings, you can pretty much install any kind of processor, overclock it, and then get a powerful cooling system to keep it from melting down.

Professionals Still Rely on Desktops

When it comes to graphics, nothing can replace a desktop. Graphical designer, website builders, architects, engineers and photographers would not be able to do their job as efficiently if it weren’t for custom configurations and large screens. Professionals using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, AutoCAD and similar program suites rely heavily on the capabilities of desktops. Not to mention you can always upgrade, and attach any kind of peripheral to it.

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