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Working with Type Tool in Photoshop


Type Tool is the tool that lets you add text in your work area. When you are starting to create a design in most of the cases you’ll find yourself working with it. In this article I’ll discuss about the 3 main, powerful elements that you must use in order to avoid design mistakes.

Window > Character

This is the window that will pop-up when you’ll activate it.window character


You probably already know what the size does. It has impact on leading like this: if the size increases the leading must increase too so the text is not overlaying, so it is a proportional thing.35-500x373


Leading is the distance between two or more rows of text. It is the paragraph size in Microsoft Word that starts with 1.0, 1.5, 2 etc.

Tracking & Kerning

Tracking is the space between characters. It is also confused with Kerning, but that is another thing and we’ll see how. Unlike Leading, Tracking is constant, you don’t need to keep a proportion with the size. Of course, the tracking remains the same as the size increases it still must be changed for the text to fit in a certain area, but you will never have overlaying of characters.tracking-500x373

Tracking is for increasing the space between two or more characters. You can of course select two characters, like I did and tried to increase the space, but you can see that it affects nearby letters too. This means that tracking should be used for words and kerning is for characters. For tracking you must select at least two characters and for kerning you must place the cursor between two characters.kerning-500x373

Baseline Shift

Baseline Shift does what the name tells. It shifts the selected text up or down (minus or plus values).shift-500x373

Vertical / Horizontal Scale

I don’t think I need to explain this. It distorts the text vertically or horizontally, simple as that.

Ok, now that we wen through the Character Window, is time to analyze the second element.

Window > Paragraph

The paragraph window can be used only when the text is in a shape or path. If the paragraph is inactive even when you selected the text it means that you just typed something there or copy pasted.

Going to Rectangle Tool and drawing a Rectangular Path or any shape that you want to put the text in will let you use the paragraph window.paragraph window

The values that you seeing there are for left&right margins space, first line space and the top and bottom space between multiple paragraphs.

Smart Guides

Apart from the Type Tool, Smart Guides are something you should always use when creating a design. They will always help you know where is the middle of the page, the margins of a certain row, etc.

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